What is SplendorBOX?

The first monthly subscription to a new lifestyle. SplendorBOX is designed for people active, hard-working, independent and sophisticated. Monthly box that inspire and motivates you with unique, exclusive and original articles carefully chosen for you. We have collaboration with renowned artists who give us their works so you fit them with style.


What do you mean by "subscription box"?

Its operation is very simple, how it works is you sign up for a recurring subscription charge and in return, you receive a carefully curated box full of items to your door every month!


What is the cost?

There are different types of boxes. Please check in our list which is better for you.


What I get in each box?

Items that may be included in the box vary widely, so you will never be bored. The SplendorBOX include original and exclusive accessories, cosmetics and items for the care of the skin, snacks and drinks, books, stationery, office decor, discounts (for example coaching, gym, aesthetic, etc.) among many other things. Everything you need to enhance, will motivate, inspire and encourage your success!


When are the boxes shipped?

The boxes are shipped every 5th of each month. If you do not receive your box, please contact customer service:info@mail.


When I am billed?

You are billed for your first box immediately upon subscribing. The 1st day of each month we will charge into your account your subscription.



Does my subscriptionautomatically renew?

Yes, your subscription will be renewed automatically. See more information on how to cancel subscriptions.


Do youshipinternationally?

By the time we ship the SplendorBOX in Europe. Please check it again in a while because we hope to ship internationally soon!


Is the VAT and the transport included in the price?

Yes, are all included in the price of each SplendorBOX! (Check shipping prices outside of Spain)




How do I purchase a gift SplendorBOX subscription?

Go to the page "How it works" and click on "Give SplendorBOX". When you reach the shipping address and payment method, there is an option to customize your message.


What is the return policy?

The subscription boxes are non-refundable and cannot be returned. If there is a problem, by please write us toinfo@mail.Are you unsubscribing can be done whenever you want to.


How do I cancel my subscription?

We hope that you are always satisfied with our boxes, but if you want to cancel the subscription, the process is simple. When you log into your account, click on the button 'Edit' below your active subscriptions. Unsubscribe, then press "change". If you cancel the subscription before the bill reaches you, the cancellation shall be effective immediately. If you cancel your subscription after the Bill for that month, you will be charged and will send your box, your cancellation will come into effect next month.



How to update my subscription, change my box or my shipping address?


How do I submit a product or brand for SplendorBOX?

We love to receive proposals from other companies or news about new products! Please contact us, write to us atinfo@mail.


Would you like to collaborate with us in another way?

Email us at info@mail:info@mail



If you have any other questions or comments, please send us an email info@mailand we will be happy to assist you!