How it works?

Motivate | Inspire | Empower | Encourage

Splendor BOX grew out of the desire to motivate, inspire, encourage and empower professionals in their careers and daily routines. We offer you the experience of enjoying every month with a box full of exclusive and original articles. We wanted to personalize it, the items you receive are designed by internationally recognized artists.

You receive carefully selected, oriented towards the professional lifestyle. Delivered monthly to help develop your skills and abilities. Enhance your style, you encourage yourself reducing stress!

What better way to reach out and touch professional’s lives than to deliver a carefully curated package directly to them every month?-- What will you receive in SplendorBOX? Articles not only physical but experiences and opportunities. Each month you will receive items such as:

  • Exclusive and original accessories
  • Cosmetics and skin care articles
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Books
  • Stationery
  • Office Decor
  • Discounts (e.g. coaching, gym, aesthetics, etc.)
  • Everything you need to enhance, motivate, inspire and encourage your life!
  • It will arrive next month

How it works?


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1Choose the BOX that you like. Decide how much time want to enjoy SplendorBOX and add it to your shopping cart. Register, add a shipping address, we send it where you want!



2Articles designed by artists recognized at level international. Chosen by a team of professional and shipped carefully to motivate you, inspire you, enhance and foster your success.



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We reward your loyalty

premio.pngIn SplendorBOX we reward your loyalty in the following way:

  • To the 3 month subscription you receive a 5% discount coupon for use in our store.
  • When completing 6 months of subscription you receive a 10% discount coupon for use in our store.
  • Meet 12-month subscription you receive two coupons of 10% of discount for use in our store.